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Which planet is your second choice?

Abe Anteby, Threadfast Apparel President, shares this message on his company website, "There is no planet B".

A leader in sustainable apparel supplying the promotional industry, the Threadfast brand is educating its customers and distributors about making positive choices. From their article,

Today, we are at a crossroads and Planet Earth needs our vote."

A brand with a conscience, Threadfast is all about being aware of the choices that go into manufacturing and distributing their apparel. "We view this challenge as journey and have incorporated environment consciousness into every aspect of our product development and sourcing."

Highlights of manufacturing commitments include:

  • Transitioning to Recycled Polyester and sustainably grown cotton

  • Utilizing Cationic dying technology that targets one of the most critical production processes, fabric dyeing.

Water pollution and water consumption are two significant challenges to sustainable development in the textile dyeing industry. Cationic reactive dyes are known to reduce the consumption of chemicals and fresh water in dyeing process.

"We're casting our vote for Planet Earth, because there is no planet B."

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